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Rana Gorgani Sufi dance

Sufi dance is originally called Samâ in Persian and Arabic, Sema in Turkish. Known as Whirling Dervish, this dance is a practice open to all.

Rana Gorgani, Sufi artist presents his rich universe, inherited from the arts of Sufism and Persian culture.

Discover his artistic and spiritual vision of the dance of the whirling dervishes.

She invites you to follow her teaching during Sufi dance seminars and workshops open to all, as well as event evenings, from an inter-cultural and universal perspective.

Individual sessions are also offered, as well as an international certification of Unesco studies.

What the press says

Le Télégramme
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“Original and stunning show, Saturday evening, at the Abbey, in a very full room of the Tree (..) Light and darkness merged in a flow of whirling, the dance revealing with simplicity the links that are woven between the past, the present and the future: the spectator being taken in a whirlwind of sound and light for a journey out of time combining visual creation and astonishing choreography. »
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“Rana: the magic mirror of Sufi dance. ​Inhabited by the passion for Sufi dance, the Iranian Rana Gorgani shares a tradition that connects body and spirit to the universal Source. »

International School of Sufi Dance method Rana Gorgani

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