40 Dafs: Heart Rhythms

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Immerse yourself in the heart of captivating rhythms with “40 Dafs: Rhythms of the Heart”.

These monthly workshops, anchored in the Sufi musical tradition, invite you to explore the depth and power of the Daf, an emblematic frame drum carrying universal symbolism. Through these meetings in Paris, we offer you a musical journey where rhythm becomes the language of the heart, weaving links between the participants and the very essence of Sufi music. A unique opportunity for the quest for oneself.


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Symbolism of the Number 40

In many traditions, the number 40 has particular symbolism, representing a time of transformation, purification and renewal. Whether it is the 40 days of spiritual retreat, the 40 nights of meditation, or the 40 stages of an initiatory journey, the number 40 evokes an inner journey, a journey towards wisdom and enlightenment. Thus, “40 Dafs: Rhythms of the Heart” offers you a journey of 40 meetings, each session representing a step on the path to self-discovery through music and rhythm.

Goals :

Harmony of Rhythms

Explore traditional and contemporary techniques of Daf playing, guided by masters of this ancestral art, to create harmony between the heart, soul and rhythm.

Spiritual Awakening

Immerse yourself in the deep meaning of rhythm in Sufi spirituality, discover its transformative power and its ability to open the soul's doors to transcendence.

Event Details

Conditions of Participation and Flexibility

Refund Policy

No refund will be possible after registration.

Freedom of Participation

Come to the sessions according to your availability, with no obligation to attend. You can also arrive and leave at the time you want.

Location subject to change

Please note that session locations are subject to change. However, rest assured that the sessions will still take place in Paris, and any changes will be communicated to participants in due course.

Orchestration of Sessions

The sessions will be orchestrated by Rana Gorgani, a prominent figure in the field of Sufi spiritual art, accompanied by guest musicians for some sessions. Please note that in the event of unavailability of Rana Gorgani due to travel, other qualified workers could replace her.

In “40 Dafs: Rhythms of the Heart,” each beat resonates with the echo of the centuries, reminding participants of the universal wisdom of rhythm and its ability to awaken hearts and minds.

Concert Projects

As a continuation of “40 Dafs: Rhythms of the Heart”, several concerts are planned in the future. These musical events will offer participants the opportunity to put their learning into practice and share their passion with a wider audience. However, although strongly recommended, participation in these concerts will not be compulsory. We believe in the freedom to explore and share without constraint, allowing everyone to experience the “40 Dafs: Rhythms of the Heart” adventure according to their own desires and aspirations.

Purchase of Dafs on site

Possession of a Daf is mandatory to participate in the sessions. For those who do not yet have their own instrument, Dafs will be available for purchase on site during the sessions. This possibility will allow each participant to acquire their own Daf and to fully engage in learning and practicing this emblematic instrument of Sufi music.

Some video extracts from spiritual ceremonies in Kurdistan in Iran

International School of Sufi Dance method Rana Gorgani

Registration deadline June 06, 2024.

Payment facilities are available according to your possibilities.