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The skirt is the reflection of the soul, waves among the waves.

The being becomes a drop of water, the skirt the ocean.

The body becomes dust, the skirt the circle

The heart becomes visible, the skirt is its temple.

The movement of the skirt recalls the surf of the waves against the rocks, the immensities of water like that of sand, the gallop of wild horses.

Each memory is housed in each of the undulating pleats of the skirt.

Its sensation reveals the body, shelters it and suspends it out of time while giving it shape, strength and anchoring.

Its fluidity hypnotizes and gives life to its own breath mingling with that of the dancer.

The dancer becomes, through the presence of the skirt, the movement of his soul and reveals himself to himself and to others.

The dancer becomes a celestial sphere in motion, enveloped and embraced by the fluid fabric of the skirt.

Each color is a specific and personal sensory journey. Color changes the experience and the aesthetic.

International School of Sufi Dance method Rana Gorgani

Registration deadline June 06, 2024.

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