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Sufi dance

Discover the circles of women

For each New Moon and Full Moon, Rana gorgani offers an evening inspired by Zikrs (Sufi prayers) and Sufi dance.

These encounters highlight spirituality, Persian mystical symbols and the beauty of rituals through music and dance.

What is the connection with the Moon?

The Moon allows us to welcome our being in all its dimensions and to reconnect with our essence.

Rana Gorgani invites you to join this spiritual symphony from your home.

A true invitation to come together, this participatory online concert restores a spiritual harmony beyond the visible world.

These online meetings do not consist of a simple receptivity to sound but of a total involvement of the listener, who becomes an actor of this rite with an intense vibratory field.

This event imagined by Rana Gorgani allows the communion of each being wishing an opening of the heart. Place of reception of the heart "qalb", the sound vibration opens the points of reflection in the chest.

"If you cut an atom, you'll find a sun there, and planets circling around it." »- Djalâl-od-Dîn Rûmî.

Spirituality arises from the need to rise, to radiate and to feel the earthly vibration. The perception of sound, however small it may be, is the reflection of the vibration of the elements of planet Earth: atoms and particles participate in this vibration. The sound that emanates from matter participates in the energetic radiation of the cosmos.

Sufi chants "Zikr", memory of what is, bring a feeling of exaltation. The progressive invocation of mystical sentences brings about the state of transcendence, a liberation of the body and the spirit.

In the art of Sufism, music plays a primary role in the unfolding of consciousness and spiritual station. The musical mode “maqam” or “dastgah” awakens states of mind, emotions and feelings experienced by human beings. This is why, for the Persian philosopher Sohrawardi, dance is the product of the inner state of the soul.

"We are all reflections of this unique soul or we are this unique soul. "


For a journey to the center of oneself.
For a moment of suspension.
For a moment of connection.
For a moment that connects us.
For the energy of communion.
For sharing with the heart.

I move forward with my eyes closed and accompany each person's progress on the path.
Like a mountain guide, I hold the lamp until he progresses and rises a little higher each time.
Rana gorgani

Diagram of the different phases of the Moon. © Wikipedia, CC by-sa 3.0

Diagram of the different phases of the Moon. © Wikipedia, CC by-sa 3.0

New moon and first crescent

When the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun, it is the New Moon. It is then impossible for us to see it (unless it passes between us and the Sun, creating a solar eclipse). His face nocturne is turned towards us and its illuminated part naturally looks at the Sun.

Emitting no light clean, the celestial body is drowned in the brightness of the sky. It is then necessary to wait at least between 10 and 12 hours to distinguish a very fine croissant. It is a Moon that is still very young. But the star sets quickly and it is really only two or three days after the New Moon that Earthlings can admire a lunar crescent in the dusk. We then have the impression that the Moon is getting bigger every day.


Full moon

In the middle of the lunation, about fifteen days after the start of the cycle, the Moon, the Earth and the Sun are aligned. Terrans can then see only the illuminated face of the Moon. It's here Full moon. In this case, the lunar star facing the Sun rises when the latter sets and then sets when the solar star reappears at the end of the night.

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