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Sufi dance

MigrAction Festival Theater of the Oppressed

Sufi dance training cycle,

as part of the MigrActions 2021 Festival,

with Rana Gorgani


Rana Gorgani in white dress


Presentation of the training courses:
This training is open to all. Rana Gorgani offers a Sufi experience through the whirling dance.

The workshops allow you to discover Sufi dance through the learning of Samâ, spiritual listening made up of movements nourishing the soul and the body. This teaching is led by Rana Gorgani, one of the greatest ambassadors of this tradition which dates back to Rûmi, the great Persian mystical poet of the 13th century. This spiritual practice is a journey to the center of the self. This exploration opens up sensory perceptions towards new interior landscapes. The dance of the whirling dervish brings a powerful physical anchoring, a bodily ease in space as well as a feeling of internal stability. While remaining faithful to the fundamental values ​​of Sufism, Rana Gorgani leads the participant towards a search for liberation of the body and the emotions in the spiral. Sufi dance is a discipline that requires great concentration, the reception of one's being in all its dimensions but beyond everything: a visceral need for physical emancipation and spiritual elevation. Also called mystical drunkenness, this spiritual art opens the door to ecstasy for us ... As a tribute to the cosmos, the dancers turn like the earth that revolves around the sun, creating a continuous circle that reveals the infinity of the universe .


Know the steps and gestures of the Sufi tower
Use 2-3 Sufi chants
Know the meaning of the movements and the origins of this practice
Enter into active meditation thanks to the capacities of the body and the mind


Softening and relaxation to prepare the body
Transmission of the dancing technique of the whirling dervishes
Teaching of the symbolism of gestures in connection with mystical poetry (a selection of Sufi poems will be offered to participants)
Teaching of sacred songs that accompanies the dance
Free practice to experience what has been learned
Sufi meditation

* * *

Mixed workshops open to all.

It is possible to follow one or more workshops or the entire cycle.

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