Workshop (Tunis)

Pratical information

  • Mixed workshop open to professionals and amateurs.
    No age limit and no pre-requisite dance levels.
  • Outfit and pair of socks specially designed for the workshop.
    Soft and comfortable clothing (pants, short or long sleeve top, yoga style). It is not necessary to have a skirt.
  • Participants must be dressed in solid colors, no patterns (all in white, all in black ...)
  • No jewelry.
  • Do not eat at least 2 hours before the workshop
  • Bring a bottle of water.
  • Possibility of acquiring shoes of whirling dervishes or Sufi skirt for sale on site.

Workshop details

  • Intensive work to practice the art of whirling.
  • The objective will be to find a balance between mastering the body axis and letting go.
  • The choreographic and symbolic aspect of Sufi body language will be approached in order to allow a better understanding of dance through Sufi spirituality.
  • Thanks to the guidance of Rana Gorgani, dancers will be able to freely experience Samâ,
  • The basic steps of the trick technique will be carefully taught so that everyone can experience the Sufi trick.

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International School of Sufi Dance method Rana Gorgani

Registration deadline June 06, 2024.

Payment facilities are available according to your possibilities.