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Great Zikr


October 9 │ 16:30

Souffle Collectif invites the artist and dervish Rana Gorgani to organize a great Sufi meditation, in support of the people of Iran, women and peace.

For the first time, all over the world, a mobilization is emerging to make heard the CRY resounding in Iran.
A women's revolution that concerns everyone, because women and men of all ages have been out in the streets for days and nights, to defend human rights, women's rights, at the risk of their lives.
Because each breath on this earth is precious, because our BREATH can engrave in this universe the importance of the words: WOMAN, LIFE, FREEDOM.
In Sufism, a mystical vision of Islam, Zikhr combines the three aspects of spirituality: poetry, music, movement. Through the trance of repetitive songs, percussive rhythms and dance movements, the circle leads to vibrational intensity leading to a liberation of the body and an opening of the heart.

Rana Gorgani speaks like a whirling dervish, a spiritual practice that has endured for over 800 years.
She initiated herself for many years by participating in numerous ceremonies in Iran, her country of origin, and in Turkey. Ambassador of Sufi dance, she is one of the few women to perform in public. Blending the profane and the sacred in his work, Rana Gorgani goes beyond boundaries just as she goes beyond her physical limits through her total mastery of trance.

This evening is open to everyone.
No obligation to participate in the ritual.
Neophytes, novices, curious, followers or practitioners are welcome!

"Come, come, come… whoever you are, come!"

Zikr or Dhikr or Zekr in Persian is a word of Arabic origin. It is at the heart of Sufi spirituality.
It is a codified practice which consists in tirelessly invoking the memory of God by the voice but also the movements of the body.
The sacred phrases sung tirelessly are the key to entering the spiritual state: the Hâl.
Prayer of the heart, dance of the soul, this spiritual and mystical tradition is the path to the Source: the LOVE that resides and vibrates in each of us.

16:30 p.m.: Arrival
17 p.m .: Doors close
17 p.m. – 19 p.m.: Initiation to the ritual (explanations and learning)
19:00 p.m. – 19:30 p.m.: Tea & Persian delicacies offered
19:30 p.m.: Beginning of the Zikr
22:00 p.m.: Final celebration

Non-alcoholic evening
No shoes in the ritual area
All releases are final.
Respect the ritual (no conversations during the zikr)
 Price: € 25
This price, above the prices offered during the Souffle(s) meetings usually, corresponds to the more expensive organizational costs of this event.
If you wish to participate in the ceremony and you do not have the means, write to us here: soufflecollectif@gmail.com

Woman is the ray of divine light.

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14 avenue Parmentier, Paris 11th
 Sunday, October 9 – 16:30 p.m.
❍ Price: €25 – Online ticketing:
➨ https://my.weezevent.com/grand-zikr-ceremonie-soufie
Collective Breath
 www.leconsulate.org | @leconsulatparis

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9 October
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The consulate
14 avenue Parmentier
Paris, 75011 France