The power of the rose 

The rose occupies a central place in my work around Sufi art and spirituality.

Every moment of Sufi dance appearing to me as a celebration and a deep prayer, it seems essential to me to bring the ritual to life. Rose water, like a rite, marks the passage from the terrestrial world to the celestial world.

The symbolism of the rose is found in Persian mystical poetry, in which it represents the mysteries and the beauty of the spiritual path. If the flowers symbolize the world of the soul, the rose embodies the life path of the human being.

The rose also represents wholeness. During the spiritual journey towards oneness, obstacles and difficulties represented by the thorns of the rose have to be overcome. Indeed, there can be no spiritual progression without trial. Pain, waiting, separation or loss of a loved one are so many thorns encountered during the quest, yet necessary for the encounter with the state of grace.

It is by seeking one's own truth that one can advance and flourish in the mystical quest, despite the trials of this long journey.

Our heart contains in it a beauty and a purity similar to that of the rose. It is during life that its scent is revealed, invisible but perceptible by those who know how to feel its presence.

"The rose had the beauty of the beloved, the nightingale loved it

He could not love another and she did not say a word »


During the ritual of Samâ, the Samâzan enters a deep state of spiritual listening which connects him to the Cosmos.

The spiritual state in which he finds himself allows the liberation of his soul. It is then that the soul, like an aura, encircles the body and becomes the receiver of divine light.

The rose water poured on the practitioner's heart opens the door to the soul and shows him the way back. Thus the soul takes refuge in the scent of the rose. It reveals its presence and becomes visible in the invisible.

In Sufism, this sacred plant represents the mystical drunkenness called "colorless wine".
It purifies the body and heals the pains of the heart, thus soothing the torments of the soul.
Both a symbol of strength and fragility, its energy reveals the source of love.
Considered as the emblem of guidance, its fragrance is a way of consciousness for the development of the being.
Like an awakening of Hâl, the beneficent water of the rose opens the way to elevation to reach the state of transcendence.

My rose water ritual:

A few drops of rose water on the hand

Perfume your forehead, the hollow of your ears, your heart

Spread around to protect the people around us

Throw a few drops to the sky to give thanks to the Cosmos

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