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Individual online session with Rana Gorgani


The 1 hour session costs 00 euros



The practice of Sufi dance requires concentration and availability of body and mind.
It is similar to a meditation in movement which must be guided to go towards the precision of the gesture while working on letting go.

This online session allows you to learn the technique of the tour, continue to progress for the initiated and develop your listening skills through the spiral.
The session consists of 15 minutes of meditation, 15 minutes of technique, 15 minutes of guided practice and 15 minutes of exchanges and dialogue.
Rana Gorgani adapts to the needs of each practitioner by transmitting her knowledge and offering personalized exercises

One session: 120 euros

Skype or Zoom session 
Important information: the order is valid for 12 months from the date of reservation 
Non-refundable reservation in case of cancellation 
Any cancellation of the online course within 48 hours is considered due.


I am writing this post to share with you my experience during the one-on-one dance sessions with Rana and I can only encourage you to take the plunge if you are unsure. The professionalism, the requirement and the encouragement make Rana's teaching a high quality teaching which really allows you to progress by training between two sessions. I greatly appreciated my first seminar where I discovered Sufi dance and I am also delighted with the individual sessions where we progress at our own pace thanks to personalized teaching. With all my heart, thank you Rana !!!


Online Sufi Dance Class