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Learn Daf with Rana Gorgani – 10 sessions – Validity 1 year

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The Daf is a Sufi instrument of Kurdish origin found mainly in Iran, Turkey and Iraq.

This apprenticeship is accessible to anyone who wishes to learn the sacred Sufi rhythms and acquire fundamental bases.

Rana Gorgani's method is based on a "heart to heart" transmission and is anchored in a universal approach to this spiritual instrument.


In the program : 



Learning sacred rhythms

sufi songs


10 sessions – Validity 1 year

Learn more about the daf

Acquire a daf



“Often narrow-minded people say that dancing is sacrilege. They think God gave us music – not just the music we make with our voices and instruments, but the music that underpins all life – and then forbade us to listen to it. Don't they see that all nature sings? Everything in this universe moves in rhythm - the beating of the heart or the wings of birds, the wind on stormy nights, the blacksmith at his anvil or what an unborn baby hears in his mother's womb -, everything participates , passionately, spontaneously, to a magnificent melody. The dance of the whirling dervishes is a link in this perpetual chain. Like the drop of water that carries the entire ocean within it, our dance both reflects and veils the secrets of the cosmos”.

Excerpt from Soufi, mon amour by Elif Shafak