The candle of Rana Gorgani

For centuries, candles have been used during sacred ceremonies as a sign of protection but also to reveal the divine presence, a symbol of light.

The MYSTIC candle, designed by Rana Gorgani is an invitation to welcome the divine, the intoxication of the soul and listening to the heart.


180 gr
100% natural

35 hours of vegetable wax based on soy and coconut


Flower: Damask Rose (Rosa Damascena)


New creation in pre-order: 

( limited quantity ) 

This candle is inspired by a poem that accompanies Rana Gorgani since her first dance steps on the international scene:


de Anna de Noailles

Persian lady, in pink dress,
Who dance in the cool valley,
Turn to my gloomy soul
Your doe eye, dark and long.

Please listen to my complaint:
I was also made to dance
On the tulip and the hyacinth
Let your feet caress.

A gold stocking on your leg
Shines like a network of sunshine,
And your whole young self is blazing
Near a vermilion branch.

This beautiful solitary shrub,
Where you wrap your arm,
Is on fire like a street lamp,
And perfumes like a citron.

Show me the sweet alley
Which leads to this charming country;
What is the name of the valley
Where are you dancing madly?

Who was your lover, which poet?
What fine merchant, what enameller?
What a child who threw his head
In your flower-colored knees?

When you were sleeping on the grass, inert
The butterfly in your collar
Was he sinking his wing, green
Like the flames of alcohol?

What gods did you serve? The shiny water?
The sweet sun son of Thetis?
Or the dazzling meadow
Snow and forget-me-nots?

Did your hands hold the reins
Of a black elephant from Iran,
Including the Indian bells
Were hitting the rudder cover?

Under the cypress of the meadow,
Where the silver pheasant runs,
Were you listening to the ringtone
Soldiers crossing the summer?

At the golden gates of the terrace,
Lay your forehead too heavy
At a time when desire accumulates
On the heart studded with love?

As I see in all your gestures,
To your secrets that can be grasped,
To all your celestial mines,
That you only like pleasure

What did you care, fierce angel,
Ardent, weak and voluptuous,
What, far from your sweet mouth,
The old sages said among themselves.

During their dull walk,
On the banks of the Tigris, in summer,
Rolling their jade rosaries,
They cursed pleasure.

They said that since everything passes,
Since being is like the wind,
You have to meditate in space,
Under the plane trees of a convent.

— But you, delirious dancer,
Honey, lily and gold cake
You laugh and disdain to read
Their manuscripts where one falls asleep.

Let their worn bodies rest!
But you, when the nightingale
gorges on rose wine
And falls stunned to the ground,

When, under the white wild rose,
In the thick carpet of chervil,
The moon fills with divine ardor
Wolves, lynxes and deer,

You soar under the beautiful cedar,
You caress its black branches,
You dance, grave as a priest,
Hot like the animals!

You sing, and your cantilena
Springs, leaps, like a jet of water,
Your whole soul wanders
From the black valley to the black hillside!

You say it's time to live,
That the time to live is short,
That your God wants us to get drunk,
Perfume, wine and love!

You say the earth is joyless
For those who are in the tomb,
That desire must unfold
Like a cruel and beautiful vulture!

You say, sobbing dancer,
mingling tears with your call,
Here comes the breathless hour
Where the universal blood boils!

Joyful and desperate voice,
Oh what do you want to get
By your humble and sacred anguish,
Who seems to moan or neigh?

You sing life, and life!
But, oh thirst for immensity,
I know that your supreme desire
Is to die of pleasure...

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