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International Certification

International certification of studies issued by the UNESCO International Dance Council, edited by Rana Gorgani.

  • 4 Study levels for each of the dances divided into modules of 150 hours
  • Program adapted to each candidate
  • Anyone following workshops and classes with Rana Gorgani can apply for the Unesco International Dance Certification.
  • Application by email: contact@loeilpersan.com

4 levels of Sufi dance

  • 1 level : Body and musical technique, learning the method of transmission, intercultural approach to Sufi spirituality.
  • 2 level : Improvement of Level 1 skills.
  • 3 level : Residence / Choreographic creation Public restitution of choreographic work.
  • 4 level : Research and writing around Sufi Dance.

 »What is learned by body
is not something we have,
like knowledge that we can hold in front of us,
but something that one is. " 
⎯ Bourdieu (1980: 123)