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Rana gorgani


Sufi artist, Rana Gorgani expresses herself as a whirling dervish, a spiritual practice through a rotating dance.

Ambassador of the Sufi dance, its know-how is recognized in France and abroad. With a master's degree in dance anthropology and ethnomusicology, she presents this heritage through unique artistic works that she creates by imagining the costumes, the choreographies ...

Her work does not stop at the world of traditional music, Rana collaborates with many musical styles (classical, jazz, contemporary, Balkan…) or even different companies (contemporary dance, circus…).

This atypical artist transcends borders just as she exceeds her physical limits through her total mastery of trance.

Delivering his knowledge of the dance of the whirling dervishes, she leads workshops et pensions in France, Switzerland, Belgium and the USA.

Member of the UNESCO International Dance Council, it participates in the development of this dance by offering professional training.

Today, Rana Gorgani's teaching attracts hundreds of people from all walks of life, dancers or not.


Rana, the Sufi dance as a heritage │ Radio Campus Paris 18.04.17

How is the trance experienced? │ Mystic Nova # 3, 

Rana Gorgani // Poetry and Sufi dance │Radio RCF, 01/2015

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Rana Gorgani on the Power of Sufi Dance │ Peacock Play, 10/2018

As a choreographic artist, my travels, encounters and experiences are food for my soul.

My creations are constantly evolving, attaching me to remain in perception in all its forms, with spontaneity and generosity. Today I am mainly involved in what I have called “the Sufi experience”.

The borders disappear, the East and the West merge to form the circle within which the Self, the Others and the Love are only ONE. "

-Rana gorgani

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  • Auditorium of the Guimet Museum │ Paris, France
  • Institut du Monde Arabe │ Paris, France
  • Salo Club │ Paris, France
  • Ephemeral Point │Paris, France
  • Inalco Institute │ Paris, France
  • Mandapa Center │ Paris, France
  • Balavoine Cultural Center │ Arques, France
  • Diwan Festival in Lorraine │ Nancy, France
  • Nights of O Festival │ Montpellier, France


  • Unesco International Dance Congress │ Montreal, Canada (2013) - Athens, Greece (2014)
  • Paleo festival │ Nyon, Switzerland
  • Estatic Dance │ New York City, USA
  • Centro de Estudos Universais │ Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • VII Encontro Internacional de Mùsicas e Dancas do Mundo │ Bahia, Brazil
  • Cathedral St. John The Divine │ New York City, USA
  • October Gallery │ London, UK
  • Ethnomusicology workshops │ Geneva, Switzerland
  • Casa Do Povo │ Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Living Arts Center │ Rades, Tunisia