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Rana Gorgani is a rare Sufi dancer who elevates Sufi dance to the rank of spiritual art. She incorporates her deep knowledge and practice of Sufism into her performances and teaching, emphasizing the spiritual essence of dance. Her dance is described as an upward spiral that leads to the divine, and her pedagogy emphasizes the importance of understanding the spiritual context of Sufi dance.

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Artistic universe and spiritual quest, the journey of Rana Gorgani.

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Graduated in dance anthropology and ethnomusicology, she creates unique artistic works by imagining costumes and choreographies. She also collaborates with different musical styles and contemporary dance and circus companies. His work is a total mastery of trance.

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Dance conference

Rana Gorgani, ambassador of Sufi dance in the West, offers a unique experience: a sensory dive into the Sufi universe, where spirituality, symbolism and socio-cultural reality are intertwined. Through her words and her body, she weaves links between the arts to transmit her knowledge of Sufism to us. This interactive lecture adapts to the audience and can focus on different aspects of Sufism, such as music, poetry and sacred texts.

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