We never go anywhere by chance, but it is Fate that guides us all. It is thanks to this that I met Rana, first the dancer, and after Rana my Sufi dance master, this to tell my guide to the roots of the movement.

Me, I always liked to dance, it is a necessity of my body, a need that gives me freedom and joy, but one day I understood that I was looking for an explanation, in short, the essence and the origin of it all.
My love for Iran, its music and dance, for Persian poetry and its connection to spirituality and Sufism ... Destiny brought me to my first seminar, August 2015.

Crest - it means being immediately touched by two things: a crossroads and a small hill, metaphors for my state of mind at this point in my life; the need to make a choice and walk a path in order to rise.
To tell the truth, during this week, I lived experiences which are difficult to explain in words; I wanted to go beyond my dance and I found myself facing myself: a soul that seeks itself. The road is long, the difficulties and the obstacles are still there.

By living a seminar or a Sufi dance workshop the work is tiring and we know the fear, yes, the fear of vertigo, of falling, of vomiting the soul ... that's why we must trust the master . Rana has always been in my body and my mind with a look, a word, the silence that speaks; even the presence of a (very important) group helped me. Sometimes I wanted to go to the end of the hill at a run, but you have to slow down and above all have humility (A great lesson for me).

Only then do we come to understand how the physical preparation, the meditation, the closed eyes, the breaths, the beating of the heart to the sound of the daf and the ney, led me to Samâ, to the sacred dance and then it is the pleasure to shoot ("Find it, Tiziana!"), to be a magic lantern.

After my first seminar a lot of things in my life have changed, Samâ has now become my prayer and I still need my teacher who, I know, is there.
On the way, with my skirt and my daf, I am listening ...

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