A few days passed.
My bag well filled, I continue the way. The experience continues; All facets of the precious continue to shine.
Here in Marseille,
A nice Moroccan trader adding saffron to a green tea…
And the rose petals…, the beauty and depth of Zakaria Yousefi’s music,
Some texts too,
A host of strong and new inspirations arise;
in my material life and in the practice and teaching that are my Life.
The sea here is not the ocean, but it is there, calling, calling, again and again. Good looking.
Today I saw a Canadair training. It releases all its load of water into the sea. It's like a lightning sparkle. The sea spits out all the drops in a powerful breath that would come out of the depths.
Poetry and the force of the sacred are invited, a thread is woven.

My hands seek contact with the Daf like lovers who timidly dream of the next meeting.
They also dance as they know how to do, carried by the CHI, like antennas,
They feel (and/or seek) something new.
My legs, unaccustomed to hugging each other, experience this new intimacy,
Food for anchoring, verticality, for belly sun (Hara, Tan Tien, etc.), .

Eternally in love.

In Rana,
Thank you for the generosity,
Thanks for the risk,
Thanks for the quality in the transmission,
Thanks for the depth,
Thank you for Grace.

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