Whirling Dervishes: A Fascinating Exploration of the Inner Workings

Whirling dervishes are followers of a mystical artistic practice that combines Sufi dance and meditation. Their twirling dance is much more than just an artistic performance. It is a true journey to the center of oneself, a fascinating exploration of inner workings. In this article, we will dive into the world of whirling dervishes, exploring the new perceptions they discover, the challenge of learning this skill and the benefits they gain, such as the feeling of inner stability, the mastery of emotions and the revelation of the “true self” . We will also discuss discipline, focus and the depth of their experiences, as well as the search for liberation of the body and the practice of acceptance in everyday life.

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“Original and stunning show, Saturday evening, at the Abbey, in a very full room of the Tree (..) Light and darkness merged in a flow of whirling, the dance revealing with simplicity the links that are woven between the past, the present and the future: the spectator being taken in a whirlwind of sound and light for a journey out of time combining visual creation and astonishing choreography. »
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“Rana: the magic mirror of Sufi dance. ​Inhabited by the passion for Sufi dance, the Iranian Rana Gorgani shares a tradition that connects body and spirit to the universal Source. »

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The story of the whirling dervishes: Between Istanbul, Cappadocia and the spirituality of Mevlana

The origins of the order of whirling dervishes

The history of whirling dervishes dates back to the XNUMXth century in Anatolia, in the region that is now Turkey. The order of whirling dervishes, also known as Mevlevi, was founded by Mevlana Jalal Al-din Rumi, a famous poet, philosopher and mystic of the time. Born in Balkh, in what is now Afghanistan, Rumi eventually migrated to the city of Istanbul, where he established his order and developed the rituals of the whirling dance.

The sema ceremony and the spirituality of the whirling dervishes

The main Mevlevis ceremony, known as “sema” in Turkish or “sama” in Arabic, is a truly spectacular experience that combines movement, music and spirituality. Whirling dervishes gather in dedicated places, such as tekkes (Sufi monasteries), where the ceremony is performed with great solemnity.

The sema ceremony begins with religious songs and traditional Turkish music. The dervishes then enter the scene, dressed in their long white cloaks symbolizing the death of the self and carrying deep spiritual meaning. The rhythm of the music intensifies and the dervishes begin their hypnotic whirling dance.

The symbolism of the whirling dance

The whirling dance of the dervishes is much more than just a visual spectacle. It is imbued with Islamic symbolism and spirituality. The movements of the dervishes represent the mystical journey of the soul toward truth and union with God. Each rotation is a metaphor for the inner quest and search for spiritual enlightenment.

The whirling of the dervishes is accompanied by traditional Turkish music, including the famous string instrument, the ney, and percussion. This captivating music adds an extra dimension to the ceremony, creating an atmosphere conducive to meditation and contemplation.

Preserving the tradition of whirling dervishes

Despite social and political changes over the centuries, the order of whirling dervishes has managed to preserve its spiritual and artistic tradition. Spinning dance rituals are still practiced today, both in religious and cultural contexts. Whirling Dervishes continue to inspire people with their devotion, discipline and search for mystical union.

Cappadocia and the influence of the whirling dervishes

The impact of whirling dervishes on the Cappadocia region

Cappadocia, located in central Anatolia, is a region renowned for its unique rock formations and cultural heritage. It is also a place which has been deeply marked by the influence of the whirling dervishes. Over the centuries, the practice of twirling dance spread across the region, making Cappadocia an important spiritual and cultural hotbed.

Whirling Dervishes played a key role in spreading their philosophy and practice throughout the region. They founded tekkes, places of gathering and meditation, where disciples and the curious could participate in sema ceremonies and immerse themselves in the mystical world of the dervishes. Cappadocia has become fertile ground for the spread of this tradition, with its captivating landscapes that seem to invite introspection and self-search.

Music and poetry in the whirling dervish tradition

In addition to whirling dance, the tradition of whirling dervishes is also marked by music and poetry. Songs and musical instruments play a central role in rituals and ceremonies. Traditional Turkish music, with its captivating melodies and captivating rhythms, accompanies the whirling dervishes, creating an atmosphere conducive to transcendence and contemplation.

Poetry is also an essential part of the whirling dervish tradition. Mevlana Jalal Al-Din Rumi, the founder of the order, was himself a prominent poet, and his writings are considered a source of spiritual inspiration. Rumi's poems, imbued with wisdom and beauty, are often recited during ceremonies, adding a poetic and contemplative dimension to the whirling dervish experience.

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The Living Legacy of the Whirling Dervishes

The cultural and spiritual impact of whirling dervishes in contemporary society

Today, the legacy of the whirling dervishes continues to fascinate and influence people around the world. Sema ceremonies are still performed in Istanbul and other parts of Turkey, attracting curious spectators to experience this unique experience. The whirling dervishes, as guardians of this tradition, perpetuate the teaching of Mevlana Rumi and transmit their knowledge to future generations.

Beyond its religious aspect linked to Islam, the whirling dance of dervishes has become a major tourist attraction, attracting travelers in search of enriching cultural and spiritual experiences. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in twirling dance performances organized especially for them. These shows offer a unique opportunity to discover the beauty and depth of the practice of whirling dervishes.

The influence of the whirling dervishes also extends beyond the borders of Turkey. Their philosophy of inner searching, mastery of emotions, and pursuit of truth resonates with many spiritual seekers around the world. Mevlana Rumi's teachings have been translated into many languages, allowing international audiences to immerse themselves in the wisdom of this Sufi tradition.

Learning to spin dance: a challenge that develops self-confidence

Learning the whirling dervish dance is a stimulating challenge that requires discipline, concentration and perseverance. It’s a learning process that takes time and commitment, but also offers profound rewards. By embarking on this practice, whirling dervishes confront their limits, push their boundaries and thus develop their self-confidence. Each test, each obstacle and each adventure experienced in the learning process is nothing other than a new experience that strengthens their self-esteem and their ability to take on new challenges.

Inner exploration through whirling dance

The whirling dance of the whirling dervishes is much more than just a physical movement. It is a gateway to the exploration of new interior landscapes and new perceptions. By allowing themselves to be carried away by the incessant circular movement, dervishes enter a state of permanent flux where only change is constant. This state allows them to explore the depths of their being, to connect with the hidden meaning of humanity and to experience an intensity of feelings that transcends the limits of the physical body.

Mastery of emotions and the search for liberation of the body

The whirling dance of the whirling dervishes is also a way of controlling the emotions and seeking liberation of the body. By spinning around, dervishes enter a state of meditative trance that allows them to transcend the thoughts and emotions that hinder them. They learn to detach themselves from daily worries, to refocus on the present moment and to cultivate a feeling of inner stability. This practice promotes better awareness of their posture, improves their physical ease in space and helps them control their emotions.

During the whirling dance, the whirling dervish focuses his attention on the movement, on the incessant rotation of his body. This high level of concentration allows him to detach himself from the worries and agitations of the mind, thus creating a space of inner calm. He learns to observe his thoughts without getting attached to them, to let emotions pass without being overwhelmed by them. This practice offers the whirling dervish a new perspective on their own emotional reactions, helping them develop deeper emotional mastery.

When spinning, the dervishes feel a sensation of liberation from the body. They feel connected to something greater than themselves, transcending physical and material limitations. This feeling of lightness and fluidity takes them beyond physical constraints, offering them an experience of unity and harmony with the world around them.

Additionally, twirling dance promotes better posture awareness. Dervishes maintain an upright and balanced posture while spinning, which strengthens their physical and inner stability. They learn to listen to their body, to feel the slightest adjustments necessary to maintain balance during the spinning movement. This attention to posture is also reflected in their daily lives, where they develop a heightened awareness of their physical positioning and the impact this has on their overall well-being.

By practicing whirling dance and seeking liberation from the body, whirling dervishes deepen their relationship with themselves. They gain a better understanding of their emotions, their bodily limitations, and how it all intertwines with their life experience. This mastery of emotions and this search for liberation of the body allows them to navigate with more grace and ease through the different situations of life, thus cultivating a feeling of inner stability and deep peace.

It can be said that the whirling dance of the whirling dervishes is much more than a simple physical practice. It offers a path of inner exploration which allows the mastery of emotions and the search for liberation of the body. Whirling dervishes develop increased awareness of their posture, improve their bodily ease in space, and cultivate deeper emotional mastery. This practice guides them towards a state of inner stability and connection with their true essence.

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The revelation of the “true me” and the welcoming of being in all its dimensions

The whirling dance of the whirling dervishes is a true means of revealing the “real me” or the true self. By letting themselves be carried away by the movement, dervishes enter a trance state where social masks and superficial identifications dissipate. They welcome being in all its dimensions, without judgment or resistance. This practice invites them to connect with their deep essence and explore the different facets of their personality.

As their journey progresses, dervishes develop a better awareness of their values, their emotions and their aspirations. They gain gentle strength by learning to ground themselves in their own values ​​and emotions, while remaining true to them. This ability to identify their inner foundations guides them in their choices and actions, thus strengthening their integrity and inner stability.

Discipline, focus and depth of experience

The practice of twirling dance requires rigorous discipline and deep concentration. Whirling dervishes engage in regular training to refine their technique and mastery of movement. They immerse themselves in ancestral rituals that connect them with an age-old tradition and bring them a unique depth of experience.

The discipline and concentration required to maintain the spinning motion for extended periods of time allows them to transcend themselves, free themselves from external distractions, and delve into a deep inner dimension. It is in this inner space that they discover essential truths about themselves and the universe around them.

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The practice of the whirling dance of the whirling dervishes is a true inner exploration that invites us to travel to the center of ourselves. By learning this dance, we take on the challenge of developing our self-confidence and connecting with our true essence. We discover new inner landscapes, new perceptions and experience a feeling of inner stability.

Spinning dance is a fascinating exploration of the inner workings, where discipline, concentration and depth of experience play an essential role. We learn to master our emotions, seek liberation from our body and reveal the “real me”. By grounding ourselves in our own values ​​and emotions, we gain gentle strength and cultivate greater awareness of our posture.

Ultimately, the practice of whirling dervishes teaches us the practice of daily acceptance and the understanding that each trial, obstacle and adventure is a new experience that contributes to our personal journey. It is in the ability to give in when necessary, while remaining true to our core values, that true inner strength lies. By embracing this practice, we open ourselves to the richness of our being and we welcome every aspect of ourselves, without judgment or resistance.

Through whirling dance, we engage in a deep exploration of our inner workings. We discover the hidden meaning of humanity, feeling an emotional intensity that transcends the limits of the physical body. In this state of constant flux, we realize that only change is constant, and we adapt fluidly to the fluctuations of life.

The whirling dance of the whirling dervishes reminds us that nothing can teach us how to live except life itself. Each test, obstacle and adventure that we encounter on our path is a new experience that shapes us and allows us to grow. It is in the ability to give in when necessary, while showing understanding and remaining true to our core values, that our true strength lies.

In conclusion, the practice of the whirling dance of whirling dervishes invites us to explore new inner landscapes, to develop new perceptions and to delve into the heart of our being. This journey to the center of ourselves constitutes a challenge that helps us develop our self-confidence and reveal our “true self”. Through discipline, concentration and depth of experience, we improve our bodily ease in space, control our emotions and cultivate better awareness of our posture.

The search for liberation of the body and the practice of acceptance on a daily basis are essential elements of this inner exploration. By grounding ourselves in our own values ​​and emotions, we acquire a gentle strength that allows us to welcome being in all its dimensions. Thus, the whirling dance of the whirling dervishes offers us a path to a better knowledge of ourselves and a deep connection with our true essence.

The dancer Rana Gorgani : A free interpretation of the Whirling Dervishes

Sufi dance practice

A creative fusion between tradition and modernity

Rana Gorgani, a passionate dancer, offers a unique and captivating interpretation of the art of the Whirling Dervishes, although her style does not exactly conform to traditional practice.

RANA GORGANI dance conference

A dance imbued with grace and modernity

Rana Gorgani has developed his own personal style that mixes the whirling movements of the Whirling Dervishes with contemporary elements, creating a freer and more modern interpretation.


Preservation and evolution of cultural heritage

While honoring the origins and teachings of the Whirling Dervishes, the dance of Rana Gorgani brings unique creativity and freedom of expression. Her grace and fluidity as she spins captivates viewers, while maintaining a deep connection to the spirit and philosophy of the Whirling Dervishes.

dance of being

Openness to new artistic possibilities

Thanks to his original artistic performance, Rana Gorgani contributes to the preservation and evolution of this cultural heritage. Her dance offers a new perspective and opens the way to new possibilities of artistic expression in the world of dance, while paying homage to the Whirling Dervishes.

Internships Rana Gorgani : An enriching immersion in the art of the Whirling Dervishes

Explore the movements and spirituality of the Whirling Dervishes

Rana Gorgani, in addition to her remarkable performances, offers courses and workshops where she transmits her knowledge and expertise in the art of Whirling Dervishes. These sessions provide participants with a valuable opportunity to explore the swirling movements and deep philosophy of this unique practice. Guided by Rana Gorgani, students learn the specific techniques of twirling dance and explore the spiritual and meditative aspects associated with it.

Levels and depth of knowledge

Internships Rana Gorgani are open to all levels, offering beginners the opportunity to discover the basics of Whirling Dervishes dance and more experienced dancers the chance to deepen their knowledge and technique. Participants have the opportunity to explore different movement combinations, refine their sense of rhythm and musicality, and develop their connection with the spiritual dimension of this captivating dance.

A cultural and historical immersion

In addition to the teaching of technical movements, the training courses Rana Gorgani offer an immersion in the culture and history of the Whirling Dervishes. Participants have the opportunity to learn more about the origin of this practice, its connection to Sufism and the symbolic meaning of the whirling dance movements. This exploration allows students to better understand the context in which this dance takes place and to deepen their appreciation of its cultural heritage.

Preservation and inspiration for future generations

The teaching of Rana Gorgani constitutes an enriching and unique experience for dance enthusiasts and spiritual seekers. It offers a deep immersion into the art of the Whirling Dervishes, while encouraging individual expression and creativity. Thanks to his in-depth knowledge, his attentive pedagogy and his artistic talent, Rana Gorgani contributes to the dissemination and sustainability of this fascinating art. Its workshops inspire new artists, thus preserving the legacy of the Whirling Dervishes for future generations.

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