International Sufi Dance Certification

International certification of studies issued by the International Dance Council of UNESCO, under the direction of Rana Gorgani.
  • 4 levels of study for each dance divided into 150-hour modules
  • Program adapted to each candidate
  • All those attending workshops and classes with Rana Gorgani are eligible for the UNESCO International Dance Certification.
  • Application by email:

4 Levels of Sufi dance

  • Level 1: Body and musical technique, learning the method of transmission, intercultural approach to Sufi spirituality.
  • Level 2: Level 1 Prior Learning Development.
  • Level 3: Residency / Choreographic creation Public restitution of choreographic work.
  • Level 4: Research and writing around Sufi Dance.

” What is learned by body
is not something we have,
as knowledge that one can hold in front of oneself,
but something that one is.”
⎯ Bourdieu (1980: 123)

École Internationale de Danse Soufie méthode Rana Gorgani

Date limite d'inscription le 06 juin 2024.

Des facilités de paiement sont disponibles selon vos possibilités.