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Rana Gorgani, Choreographic Artist Sufi Dance

Sufi dance, a spiritual practice, is characterized by a continuous and rotating movement that leads the body into a modified state of consciousness. Ambassador of Sufi dance, Rana Gorga’s knowledge is recognized in France and abroad. With a master’s degree in dance anthropology and ethnomusicology, she presents this heritage through unique artistic works that she creates by imagining costumes, choreographies

Sufi artist, Rana Gorgani

expresses himself like a whirling dervish. His work does not stop at the world of traditional music, Rana collaborates with many musical styles (jazz, contemporary, Balkan and different companies (contemporary dance, circus. This atypical artist goes beyond borders just as she goes beyond her physical limits through her total mastery of trance/

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École Internationale de Danse Soufie méthode Rana Gorgani

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