Regular practice of Sufi Dance with Rana Gorgani

Rana Gorgani en robe rouge

More than a simple whirling movement, the practice of Sufi dance allows us to dive into a deep active meditation, to develop a better awareness of the space that surrounds us and the “invisible” link that connects us to the Cosmos.

Combining art and spirituality, Rana Gorgani transmits this sacred art during the workshops she leads in France and abroad, during individual and group online sessions but also as part of individual training.

This discipline allows you to enter into a deep inner concentration while developing body ease, anchoring, physical and emotional stability.

Called Sama (spiritual listening or mystical hearing), Sufi dance is an intimate search and a journey inward.

Rana Gorgani’s teaching includes the transmission of Sufi meditation, the different techniques of rotation of the legs, the learning of arm movements, the practice of Sufi chants and rhythms as well as the search for the liberation of the body.

Because the knowledge of this spirituality nourishes the heart and mind, each session includes a theoretical and instructive part on the foundations of Sufism.

Each time it is an exploration that opens the practitioner to new sensory perceptions.

Join Rana Gorgani for a unique moment and a fascinating experience…


Retraite Danse Soufie


A week of practice in a privileged setting

Atelier Danse Soufie


Group sessions for beginners and initiates

Online Courses

Adapted support

Formation Individuelle Danse Soufie

Individual training

Deep learning

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