When the Balkan-Turkish brass band meets the Iranian ambassador of Sufi dance, the world suddenly grows. Between modernity and tradition, embark on an ecstatic journey with explosive sounds!

From the Balkan route to the Persian world, there is only one step that could be taken… while dancing. In the manner of whirling dervishes, Rana Gorgani mixes her frenetic trance with the rhythms of the feverish sounds of the brass band. From this unprecedented marriage emanates a universal language with powerful links that only art can establish between peoples. Mixing vocals, brass, accordion and percussion; the nine musicians of the Haïdouti Orkestar have already had the opportunity to collaborate beautifully, notably with the virtuoso trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf. Here they make their way to a mystical epic that wards off borders in a firework display of joy and exaltation.

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This unprecedented artistic encounter was accompanied by ATEA PRODUCTION and ECAM in co-production.

  • Sufi dance: Rana Gorgani
  • Drums, tapan : Sylvain Dupuis
  • Vocals: Zeki Ayad Çölas
  • Trumpet: Martin Saccardy
  • Saxophone: Zurna Mihaï Pirvan
  • Accordion: Jasko Ramic
  • Derbouka, bongos: Dogan Poyraz
  • Soubassophone : Denys Danielides
  • Snorkel: Alon Peyletet/or Charlotte Auger and Manel Girard.

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