Sufi Dance Workshops

Give meaning to your dance for a spiritual renewal.

These workshops allow you to discover Sufi dance through the learning of Samâ, the spiritual listening made of movements nourishing the soul and the body.

This teaching is led by Rana Gorgani, one of the greatest ambassadors of this tradition which goes back to Rûmi, the great Persian mystic poet of the 13th century.

This spiritual practice is a journey to the center of the self. This exploration opens up sensory perceptions towards new inner landscapes.

The whirling dervish dance brings a powerful physical anchoring, a bodily ease in space as well as a sense of inner stability.

When the poet Rûmi, says:
O day, arise! The atoms dance,
The souls, distraught with ecstasy, dance:
By ear, I’ll tell you where the dance is going.
All the atoms in the air and in the desert,
Know this well are such fools.
Every atom, happy or miserable
Is in love with this sun of which nothing can be said.

It evokes the hidden meaning of humanity and the intensity of our feelings when we listen to the vibration through the perceptions of our senses.

While remaining faithful to the fundamental values of Sufism, Rana Gorgani leads the participant towards a search for liberation of the body and emotions in the spiral.

Sufi dance is a discipline that requires great concentration, the acceptance of one’s being in all its dimensions but above all: a visceral need for physical emancipation and spiritual elevation.

Also called mystical intoxication, this spiritual art opens the door to ecstasy…

As a tribute to the cosmos, the dancers turn as the earth turns around the sun, creating a continuous circle that reveals the infinity of the universe.


Mixed workshops open to all.

It is possible to start the workshops at any time of the year.


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Workshop details

  • An intensive work to practice the art of spinning.
  • The objective will be to find a balance between mastering the body axis and letting go.
  • The choreographic and symbolic aspect of Sufi gestures will be discussed in order to allow a better understanding of dance through Sufi spirituality.
  • With the guidance of Rana Gorgani, dancers will be able to experiment freely with Samâ,
  • The basic steps of the spin technique will be carefully taught to allow everyone to experience the Sufi spin.

Practical information

  • Mixed workshop open to professionals and amateurs.
    No age limit and no dance level required.
  • Dress and pair of socks specially designed for the workshop.
    Soft and comfortable clothing (pants, short or long sleeve top, yoga style). It is not necessary to have a skirt.
  • Participants must be dressed in solid colors, no patterns (all white, all black…)
  • No jewelry.
  • Do not eat at least 2 hours before the workshop
  • Bring a bottle of water.
  • Possibility of acquiring shoes of whirling dervishes or Sufi skirt in sale on the spot.