Sufism, an invitation to the inner journey

Intimately guided by the Persian poet of the thirteenth century, Rumi, I wish to share with the most
Many the light and depth of Sufi spirituality. For this, I do not attach it
not just Islam. Rumi, introduced to Sufi music and dance by Shams, a mystic
Errant became a leading figure of Sufism, did not claim, too, a religion.
Even today, some Sufis do not consider themselves Muslims. They just believe
in the existence of a God.

I often compare Sufism to a tree with a solid trunk that has many branches. According to
Countries, Sufism takes this or that form. If the Sufi dance is also called dance of the
Sâma (listening, in Persian), some practice this “listening” in total stillness and
Be quiet. They don’t turn on themselves in music like dervishes, which we think of.
spontaneously by evoking this practice.

Through my shows and the teaching open to all that I give in workshops and
In retreats, I seek to transmit certain universal Sufi philosophical principles. By their
Scope, they illuminate our daily life and enrich it.

If Sufis pray in motion while repeating what may be mantras, for
For me, dance (if it is ancestral and ritualized) is a prayer in itself. It has the ability to build
A bridge between the visible and the invisible and allows to experience the link with the divine. It doesn’t matter what
that everyone means by this word (Nature, the cosmos, the “great whole”, etc.). I am talking about this
that surpasses us and transcends us. Sufi dance can be perceived as meditation
Danced; a reconnection with oneself; between Earth and heaven, or as a practice that can
To take a person to an altered state of consciousness and to make him attain spiritual awakening.

In my workshops, I go straight to the point. In a few hours, I try to infuse
participants what it took me more than twenty years to learn in different communities
Sufi… I make them feel the intoxication of mind and body that whirling provides.
more or less fast of this dance. The workshops are like a little bath in a part of
The mystical ocean of love where one would go in confidence. Before perhaps, if desired,
“swim” even further. However, beware, the workshops are not a simple discovery,
a “mechanical” learning of gestures. Intense, they require a real investment of
people who participate.

The retreats are an immersion of several days. The big bath in a way! All
is ritualized, even meals. Some leave. Others return for several years.
To be in love, to rise, is not self-evident. It is a demanding and powerful path. Practice
Sufi is not a skill. She literally saw herself. It is an infinite inner journey.
From an initiatory quest and truth.

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