It’s been almost 3 years since I discovered the practice of Sufi dance thanks to Rana’s teaching.Each season has its seminar and by juggling between my family life and my professional life, I manage to free myself to leave the hustle and bustle or chaos of everyday life to win this “bubble” rejuvenating for a few days.
Obviously, by evoking the Sufi dance, we visualize the large spinning skirts almost hypnotizing, the beauty of the movement, the physical “performance” that surprises … But, it’s much more than that.
The Sufi dance, I could describe it to you as a beautiful experience of the Circle and the Point:the Point can exist without the Circle.The Circle,him,cannot be conceived without the existence of its Center,the Point.The Man who wants to return to his Center,to his Origin,must fill this distance that separates him from this Point, by undertaking a spiritual journey. This is precisely what Sufi dance and its circular movement allow: a journey from human Exteriority to its Interiority.
Adopting this swirling movement so natural for children expressing their Joy, this divine flow that animates the entire Universe, helps in the quest for this Center.Some will call it Source of Life, others the Divine… Words don’t really matter. It is simply a universal experience, that of Love.
Like the clay that takes shape on the potter’s wheel, the Sufi dance polishes the heart, rids it of its slag and that far from any dogma. And I am very grateful to Rana for her high-quality teaching. Rigor is at the rendezvous. Precision, depth and passion in transmission as well. Strong but fair words during classes, a touch of typical Persian malice, a glass of water for the one who has been experienced by vertigo, a hug at the end of Samã (name of the Sufi dance)… Rana is a demanding, authentic and human teacher.
Sufi dance gives me this necessary anchorage so as not to disperse myself in the regrets / remorse of the past or in the sometimes anxiety-provoking projections of the future. This practice is perfectly in line with an awareness of the Present Moment.This dance also gives me, and above all, the opportunity to dive “body and soul”. The body in the swirling dynamics of movement… consciousness, motionless in the eye of the storm, in the absolute and powerful calm of Love.
Tender anecdote: to see me dancing, my 3 young children started to turn. One day soon, Rana may have them as students!


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