In the context of Sufi dance, Rana has a very special way of transmitting her art. And this is something very interesting for those who feel called to the study of this dance.
Rana gives and asks for a lot in return, and it is precisely this requirement that will allow the overcoming of achievements, securities, habits, comforts, to always go further, beyond his own limitations. Rana never gives up…

A great quality for a teacher. Thus, this spirit of rigor accompanies all its transmission which is expressed through: anchoring, technique, exploration, creativity … in terms of the broad outline.
When I met Rana, I had this need to be firmer in my support, to anchor the technique, to develop the power, to dare to lose my bearings. Rana has accompanied me on this path and I express my gratitude to her today.

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École Internationale de Danse Soufie méthode Rana Gorgani

Date limite d'inscription le 06 juin 2024.

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