Demand, determination and rigor, nothing is left to chance by Rana. Experimenting beyond what I thought possible, through moments of nausea, fear, fatigue, Rana does not let go. I trust, Rana respects my limits and does not put anyone in danger, she guides us where it is possible to surpass ourselves.

The hours pass, I turn, we turn without losing the north, without getting lost, on the contrary, we turn on our axis in order to reconnect, refocus. In a short time everyone evolves at their own pace. At the end of a week of training, the neophytes turn, it’s impressive.

With her broad, refined and delicate smile, she welcomes us in a magical place surrounded by nature and thinks of everything, both from the point of view of place, food, and her teaching.
We are here to work accompanied by engaging music and a professional musician.

Since the summer camp, I feel that my dance has gained power, I still have a long way to go and want to continue this learning. I needed to meet a person like Rana.
It is like a translation into gesture of emotions, thoughts or things that have inhabited me at the time or for a long time. At the same time, everything around me influences and enriches me. It is a double discovery, interior and exterior.

During the workshops, we are never placed in a situation of performance or competition. Rana invites us little by little to know ourselves more and to push our limits from what we are able to do. From time to time, it puts us in a more difficult situation for us to move forward. On the other hand, Rana speaks bluntly about the different symbols existing in Sufism, the links between this dance and poetry, the elements, the movement of the planets, colors, music etc., Chams, Rumi, the divine, without intervening on what we think about God.

From this, everyone is free to interpret and express what animates him. A bit like in music where from seven notes we compose a melody, we create a dance from seven gestures. The possibilities are endless

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