It is said that Rumi told this story:
“A chickpea tries to jump out of the pot where it is boiling, and protests: Why are you doing this to me?
The cook brings it back with a ladle in the boiling water.
-Don’t try to escape. Do you think I’m torturing you? I am giving you taste: once mixed with rice and spices, you will be a delicious source of vitality for a human being.”
(Excerpted from Women called to the path of Rumi. Shakina Reinhertz. HohmPress. 2001. p.200)

Learning Sama with Rana is to experience this chickpea anxious to escape suffering, seeking to jump overboard when the discomfort is too great… But the demand, the discipline offered by Rana bring us back to the pot: we will not taste the ineffable flavor of Sama without going just a little… A lot… passionately… beyond the comfort zone.

His high standards are matched only by his generosity and passion; So only watching her “work” with someone is already extraordinarily exciting. The ardor of his encouragement and his sustained presence, to make the dancer (the dancer) do a new experience gives him to taste the multiple flavors of Samâ, and we – the other dancers / her – immobile on the edge of the circle where the dancer accompanied by Rana turns, we also breathe the subtle perfume of Samâ.

With Rana’s teaching, we integrate through experience, that passion can only burn and transport us if we accept the fire of discipline. Thus, beyond a technical practice of tricks, or a so-called “Sufi” practice, we join the underground current of all traditions that can live, vibrate and sing our soul in the world. I will not speak, I will not think anything: But infinite love will rise to my soul. (Rimbaud. Sensation.)

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