Rana Gorgani made me want to practice Sufi dance.
Before knowing her through the Sufi parties she organizes in Paris, I was interested from afar in this practice.
I have now been following Rana’s teaching for a few years and I am still in awe of her generosity and creativity.
Each seminar, each workshop is unique.
Its rigorous transmission and the discipline it imposes teaches us to be true. And this is a privilege.

These workshops and seminars now punctuate my life. It’s continuous learning. I learn to surpass myself, to become aware of the group, the energies that surround me, to become aware of my body, my mind, my limits too.
During these moments, I feel grounded, often liberated.

Beyond meditation and learning dance, Rana’s teaching is a path.

I appreciate this communion also with the other dancers, without words, without looks, this sharing and this closeness.

Thank you so much Rana for this passion!

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