Drawing from the depths of the soul, the concert/danced voice of heaven is an immersion in the heart of the mystical poetry of the Arab world.

Miço Kendes’ voice guides the dervish movement for an escape to infinity. The cyclical music leads to trance and reveals the beauty of Sufi texts and Kurdish melodies. On stage, the two artists are in a constant search for balance and accuracy. Rana Gorgani’s body sings and Miço Kendes’ voice dances.

This duet based on listening and improvisation draws from the heart of Sufi spirituality. The incessant whirling plunges us into the “Hich” which means “Nothing and Everything” at the same time. Like a prayer that is both joyful and melancholic, this show is an invitation to Samâ (listening) and Zikir (remembrance). Iran, Syria and Kurdistan marry to offer a celebration of Love and Drunkenness.

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  • Rana Gorgani: choreography & dance
  • Miço Kendes : vocals & buzuk (string instrument)

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École Internationale de Danse Soufie méthode Rana Gorgani

Date limite d'inscription le 06 juin 2024.

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