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danse de l'être

DIALOGUES WITH SHAMS di Matthieu Hocquemiller e Rana Gorgani
🩰 🎶DANZA/MUSICA PRIMA NAZIONALE✅Venerdì 28 aprile ore 21.00 durata 50 minuti
📍 Santa Maria da Piedi Auditorium, Crecchio (CH)

Dialogue with Shams is a performance-performance in the form of a self-portrait, by the Sufi dancer Rana Gorgani.
It makes it possible to weave in an imaginary dialogue with Shams (wandering mystic of the 13th century and great figure of Sufism), elements of autobiography and reflection around biculturality, the migratory journey, gender issues, discriminatory normative and political injunctions.
Above all, it allows a sensitive and vibrant moment of dance and encounter. The creation of a possible livable space starting from displacement and passage as an existential modality

Design and Production: Matthieu Hocquemiller
Text: Matthieu Hocquemiller and Rana Gorgani
Dance: Rana Gorgani


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