Sufi dance workshop with Rana Gorgani

Confinement – Opus 2 – November 2020 :
Bleu pluriel adapts and offers you a red thread with Rana Gorgani.

PROGRAM in 3 events: It’s up to you to dance!
“Coti Night Tour”
Participatory dance project
Want to embark on a collective whirlwind?
Send us your videos by Thursday, November 19 at:
Sufi Dance Workshop
With Rana Gorgani

From home, learn the technique of Sufi dance with Rana Gorgani on Friday, November 27th!
Sufi dance
Dance conference
All about Sufi dance with Rana Gorgani on Saturday, November 28th!

Discover all
the details of the program here

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École Internationale de Danse Soufie méthode Rana Gorgani

Date limite d'inscription le 06 juin 2024.

Des facilités de paiement sont disponibles selon vos possibilités.